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Are you looking to update your home’s windows? The Adam Window Centres team is here to help. These windows have long been a popular choice for homeowners’ thanks to their efficiency and security. They are practical and come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to help match your current aesthetic. Our team is the only one in Dorset to have been awarded the British Standard Kitemark for Window Installation and Survey. Give us a call today and let us work together on your new tilt and turn windows.

What Are Tilt and Turn Windows?

Tilt and turn windows area beautiful option for any home. Their versatility for being able to open two ways allows you to control the amount of fresh air throughout your many rooms. Maybe you burned sauce in the kitchen? Or you wish to bring in some of the fresh air inside, tilt and turn windows will help with either scenario and so much more. You can choose either option with a simple twist of the handle attached to the window. Below is an explanation of each:

Tilt: By rotating the handle on the window 180 degrees, the window will tilt open at the top of the frame. This small opening allows for ventilation to help cool down your home or remove odours. It is also added security because no one could fit through the gap if you left it accidentally open after leaving.

Turn: If you rotate the opening handle 90 degrees, you can fully open the window as you would a door. Allowing more airflow to help cool your home down quicker, and with the aid of a fan could remove smells and smoke from cooking sooner.

Benefits of Installing Tilt and Turn Windows

If you are looking to replace your current windows, or you are building a new home, tilt and turn windows are a fantastic option. They bring with them so many benefits outside of the two different ways you can open them.

Great for Smaller Spaces: Because you can open these windows by tilting or turning them, you can install them in smaller spaces to attain superb ventilation. Achieve a better bathroom or kitchen where the windows tend to be a bit smaller, whilst maintaining proper airflow with tilt and turn windows.

Ease of Maintenance: There is no need to remove the screens or get a ladder out to clean your windows again. Since they fully open into the home, you can use a window cleaner and cloth to clean the outside as well as the inside of the window. See clearly like never before with tilt and turn windows.

Air-Sealed: One of the main factors you will look for in a good window is the ability to keep out the heat or cold as well as it holding it in. Sliding and single or double hung window frames can get the same kind of seal as tilt and turn window frames. When you get better insulation, it also means you spend less each month on energy bills.

Safety Features: By tilting the window, you can protect the small children in your house. Having this added safety feature protects against any accidents from occurring while you are trying to enjoy the nice weather in Dorset. If there is ever a fire, you can open the window by turning it and use it to get outside quickly.

Types of Tilt and Turn Windows

You may not think we can do a lot with only two types of materials when building tilt and turn windows, but we have access to many different paints and finishes to help you achieve your desired look with better windows. Below are the two options we have for you to choose from when choosing Tilt and Turn Windows for your home:

uPVC: If you are concerned about budget, this material helps give you the type of window you want while meeting your costs. They will also require less maintenance than timber and aluminium, as they cannot rot or rust.

Aluminium: While it may cost more upfront, the durability, longevity, and security you receive from using aluminium more than make up for the price. They come from recycled materials and are easier to maintain than timber frame options.

Reach Out To Adam Window Centres Today!

Our team of Tilt and Turn Window experts will help you get them measured and installed swiftly. We cannot wait to talk to you about these great options. Please, give us a call today and get the installation process started in your home. We happily answer any questions you may have whilst we work on your Tilt and Turn Windows to ensure peace of mind.

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