Orangeries with Range of Options at Adam Window Centres of Tuckton

What is an Orangery?

Adam Window Centres has been helping homeowners in the Bournemouth area since 1994 to decide on the right orangery for their home. Allowing our professionals to help you design and build this add-on room offers many benefits as we can help to match the aesthetic of your existing home to make it blend in seamlessly.

Reach out to our stellar staff when looking to get this add-on to your home. We also provide door handles, windows and roof liners to enhance and update your home to add resale value and improve the overall look, as well as helping with your energy bills. Make your home more energy-efficient and beautiful by calling Adam Window Centres today and setting up your initial consultation. We have the solution you are looking for!

Why Should I Choose an Orangery?

An orangery is a perfect option when you are looking to add a new space without breaking the bank or going through a major remodel. Adam Window Centres quickly gets to work to discuss budget, needs, and wants from the new space. Our expert designers can help flesh out what the room will look like and how you can utilise the space. You can also bring us your own designs to collaborate with our builders. We will go over the material we can use and how they change your space and add value to the home.

What are the Benefits of getting an Orangery?

When you have decided to add an orangery to your home, you will experience plenty of benefits. The energy-efficiency alone will help to pay off the initial costs, while the time spent getting cosy and enjoying the weather will make up for the rest. Below are some of the benefits you can receive by hiring Adam Window Centres to build your new orangery:

Energy-Efficiency – Thanks to the windows added, you can open them, allowing more fresh air flowing through your home to cool it down in the summer. And with the brick additions, you can retain more heat during the winter months while enjoying a beautiful snowfall on Christmas morning. These efficiencies are something you should definitely take into consideration when pricing out the new project with Adam Window Centres.

Home Value Increases – When you build onto your home, whether with a deck, new roof, or when you want an orangery, you will see an increase in the value of your home. Having these additions gives the home more curb appeal and creates a unique charm. An orangery provides you a completely other room for entertainment, relaxation, and space to get creative. It’s also a very cost-effective way to add far more value to your home, which is something to think about when you are pricing out the project for yourself.

More Square Footage – Whether or not you are looking to sell in the near future, everyone always wants more space in their home. This will add value to the house when you decide to sell, but you will also gain another useable room that adds natural light.

More Natural Light – This benefit is great for those who may not have many windows within the home or sunlight-facing windows. With an orangery, you are adding large windows on all three walls, whether or not you choose to go with floor to ceiling windows, half-wall windows or completely frame them in, the goal is to get more light into this space.

Add Aesthetic – With many different build options, the team at Adam Window Centres can build your orangery to blend in your new orangery to match your house thoroughly. This is one of the main benefits over going with an orangery over a conservatory because it seems like a natural addition instead of a completely separate room.

Do I need Planning Permission for an Orangery?

Opposed to other home additions, a significant benefit of adding an orangery instead of another story or add-on garage, is you don’t need to hassle with obtaining a planning permission. This task may seem trivial, but it can really hold up build time and achieving the look you desire for your home. Adam Window Centres can quickly get to work once we finish up planning and design meetings with you.

Adam Window Centres Builds Orangeries and More!

We began helping those across the Bournemouth area build beautiful orangeries and more when they are looking to add value, natural light, and space to their home. Thanks to our experience, we are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to build these types of add-ons efficiently. Give us a call today to set up your initial consultation and discuss your needs and wants for the orangery. We can help with design ideas or incorporate ideas you already have for the space. Our team is wholly focused on delivering you an exceptional room to meet your budget and design.

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