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Adam Window Centres has years of experience installing high-quality windows throughout Dorset, UK and the surrounding communities. We know first-hand the value new windows provide and how well they insulate your home from the outside forces driving your energy bills sky-high. Our goal is to make your home energy efficient. In doing so, we help drive your energy bills down to earth, resulting in considerable savings. Down the line, these monthly savings virtually pay for the windows, as well as our installation services. Learn more about the benefits of new windows below.

Ditch Your Old, Inefficient Windows Today

Most homes do not have energy-efficient windows. While your realtor or building contractor might have promised them to you, chances are you’re experiencing inefficiencies. If you live in an older home, your windows are probably out-of-date and in need of an update. Even if your house isn’t 30 years old, there’s a strong possibility the windows in the bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room, and elsewhere are not as energy-efficient as promised. New builders try to find ways to cut costs during the building process, and using inferior windows to do so is one of the most popular methods they use. So, knowing what you know now, what’s next? While you might agree that your home could be more efficient, you need to know how much new windows cost.

Focus on Long-Term Savings over Short-Term Costs

Many builders construct houses with short-term costs in mind. Don’t make the same mistakes they do. Fixating on how much installation and the windows themselves cost is the wrong way to think about window replacement services. Instead, be bold and imagine the future. Adam Window Centres understands the science involved with creating energy efficiency around your home and how to replace old, inefficient windows with brand-new, effective alternatives. There are plenty of excellent reasons to replace your old windows, including:

Your Current Windows Aren’t Meant to Last

Roughly 40 percent of all windows were replaced before. The reason? Many cheaper options aren’t designed to last the long haul, requiring homeowners to replace them sooner than they want to. Low-price replacement windows might appear attractive, but they are more expensive in the long run.

They’re Not Designed with Ultraviolet Light (UV) Reduction

Many inferior window designs do not block enough ultraviolet light (UV). UV reduction is a crucial function of high-performance windows. The UV light can be harmful to your property and those in your home. Still, it also contributes to energy loss and higher bills, which is why investing in windows which safeguard against UV light is a good bet.

The Framework on Old Windows Isn’t Insulated

Whether your home still features old windows, or you bought a newly-built house, your windows are probably not insulated very well. Unfortunately, poorly insulated windows allow far too much cold and hot air to escape your home, which drives your energy bill sky high.

Vinyl Windows Are Best

Adam Window Centres sells replacement windows at a fair cost. All our windows are made from vinyl, a material far more insulating than most other options. Did you know window manufacturers only have to use 15 per cent vinyl materials to call their offerings vinyl windows? You’ll get the real thing from us, and the real deal is much more effective at keeping energy bills economical.

Adam Window Centres Offers Long-Term Warranties

Never turn down a long-term warranty. We’re so confident in the quality of our windows and their ability to reduce your energy bill that we’re more than willing to offer comprehensive warranties. Ask one of our sales associates for more information.

The Differences Between Single- and Double-Pane Glass

Many older or newly-built homes feature windows made from single-pane glass. Unfortunately, single-pane glass isn’t particularly efficient at trapping air-conditioned or heated air in your house. Double-pane glass represents a step up and will reduce your energy bill. As you might expect, single-pane windows feature one layer of glass, while double-pane windows feature two. As a result, double-pane (or even triple-pane) glass is far more insulating and a much better choice for discerning homeowners. Adam Window Centres recommends you opt for double- or triple-pane windows.

Contact Adam Window Centres for New Window Installation

How much window replacement costs is a more complicated question than you think. However, Adam Window Centres wants to make sure you have all the information upfront. Feel free to contact our team today. We can provide you with an estimate for all your up-front costs. From there, we can help you gain a rough idea of what you’ll save in the long run by switching to better, more efficient windows. To learn more about Adam Window Centres, contact us today.