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Adam Window Centres Provides Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Whenever you need energy-efficient windows and doors, Adam Window Centres is the team to call in Dorset. Since 1994, we have been helping homeowners find the best options available for their home and the environment. We understand the investment of replacing these items throughout the house, which is why it is essential to purchase energy-efficient options to help save yourself money each month on energy bills. You will quickly start to make your purchase price back from lower bills month after month. Our expert team is on hand to help answer any questions about efficiency and how to make the windows and doors uniquely yours. Please give us a call to set up a consultation and get your estimate today.

How to Measure Window Energy Efficiency

If you are looking to shop for your energy-efficient new windows before calling Adam Window Centres, let us help you find the best options available by teaching you how to measure for efficiency. Be sure to check out these options when looking for high performing windows:

U-Factor: The indication of the rate heat flows through your window.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: A measurement of how well your window blocks heat.

Visible Transmittance: Also known as VT, it measures the amount of light coming through your window.

Air Leakage: The lower the AL rating, the less air comes through, preventing any draughts.

Condensation Resistance: CR measures your window’s ability to resist moisture build-up and prevention of mould and mildew.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Making the move to energy-efficient windows and doors for your Dorset home is one of the best decisions you can make – not only for your wallet but the environment as well. By using less energy to keep your home at the desired temperature, you can prevent your heating system from continuously running, this reducing your carbon footprint. Maintain indoor temperatures better when you upgrade to more energy-efficient windows and doors. Below are some of the other benefits you can expect when making this change to your home:

Save Money on Monthly Bills: With superior framing and insulation, comes great savings each month on your energy bills. By being able to keep your warm air in your home in the winter it means you won’t have to turn on your central heating as much. Lessening the dependency on your central heating system meaning that it could last longer.


Better Insulation: Energy-efficient windows and doors are excellent at keeping the weather outside when you want it that way. Tight seals prevent cold weather from the winter from squeezing its way in and raising your energy bills each month. They also block heat from the summer sun from getting into your home through the glass thanks to a special UV coating placed on the glass.

Environmentally Friendly: Most central heating systems require fossil fuels to keep them running, and with energy-efficient windows and doors, you can prevent the need to use them as much, especially in the harsher seasons.

Reduction in Maintenance: Since energy-efficient windows and doors keep condensation to a minimum, it does not get the chance to build up. You will also see less mould and mildew, which is excellent news for those suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Noise Reduction: Thanks to a strong seal on the doors and windows, paired with the type of glass used keeps unwanted noises from getting into your home. Keep those birds from bugging you in the morning and no longer worry about construction outside the house from letting you sleep. You can also turn up the volume on your surround sound because noise prevention works both ways!

Furniture and Rig Protection: There is a special coating placed on your energy-efficient windows which not only help keeps the heat out but blocks the UV rays. If your furniture or rugs see prolonged exposure, they can begin to fade in colour and even be damaged over time.

Best Window & Door Material for Energy Efficiency

If you are shopping for energy-efficient windows and doors, then you are in luck because they come in a variety of materials. While some work better than others, you will have no shortage of style to choose from when replacing your outdated options throughout the house. Each can also be painted or stained to your liking to match your existing décor. Below are some of the choices you can expect from Adam Window Centres:

  • Fibreglass
  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Vinyl
  • Combination
  • Composite

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Adam Window Centres is the team to call when you need to upgrade your existing inefficient windows and doors. We have a wide selection to help you bring your interior and exterior designs to life and save you money each month. Whether you are remodelling or building from scratch, you will need a professional team of installers to help with your new energy-efficient windows and doors. Give us a call today and allow us to begin the process to a better home for your family and the environment.