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Trust Adam Window Centres’ Over 25 Years of Experience

For over 25 years, Adam Window Centres has been the name to trust when you need to buy and install new windows around your home in Dorset. Our professionals have studied all the most modern and traditional window options to ensure we exceed your expectations when shopping with us. They know we have their best interests in mind and would never allow them to spend more than what is needed for the project. Give us a call today, and we will schedule your initial consultation. We will discuss your energy needs, design aesthetic, and everything else to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to the most popular windows in the industry.

How Many Styles of Windows are There?

When you shop with Adam Window Centres, you shop with the best. Our experts are very knowledgeable on all kinds of windows. We will help your home stand out in the neighbourhood and create a unique visual that potential homeowners will love when you decide to sell. They will also save you money each month. The customer service we offer is unparalleled in Dorset. To help begin the shopping process, we have listed some of the most popular window options below. If you still have questions about our many different options, please do not hesitate to ask:

Awning Window: A great addition as a design choice for the outside of your house. These windows are installed with a hinge going across the top to allow you to open at the bottom. They not only allow air in to cool down the home in the fall and spring, but they carry odours like kitchen smells out quickly.

Casement Window: One of the more popular window treatments in the UK, this option can be installed in singles or pairs which hang on a hinge. Using a handle, you can swing open these windows to allow a fresh breeze in. They work really well in hard to reach areas such as above the kitchen sink.

Sliding Window: Using a horizontally sliding track, these window options consist of two mounted sashes. Easy to operate, they can be installed as small or large windows and are great for tough to reach locations. They work very well in modern and contemporary window frames to help complete any aesthetic you have going in your home. They also have removable sashes to help make them easier to clean.

Bay Window: If you are going for a more traditional or rustic approach, bay windows are a great option. They help bring in the most amount of light possible and give you an extra seating area. If you do not have space, additional construction as a casement surrounds them along with a bench inside. Adam Window Centres is happy to help with the entire construction process.

Single Hung Windows: You can fully open the bottom window to allow air to flow through the home to get a healthy amount of fresh air when the weather permits. Since they are stationary, they do become a bit more challenging to clean, but your choices for design are unlimited as we can use almost any material when installing.

Double Hung Windows: These are the most common windows we install for homeowners in Dorset. Both the top and bottom windows slide up and down vertically and don’t protrude like casement or awning windows. They also offer excellent ventilation and are great additions to any bathroom or kitchen. These options also open inward to help make the cleaning process easier than single hung windows.

Transom Window: We hang these options above your primary windows. They help make your room and home feel larger by opening the space and allowing in the natural light. They come in either vented or fixed models to help bring in more natural airflow. We can also install these windows above your doors.

Bow Window: Just like bay windows, these options will require some additional construction to install. They come in four or more windowpanes and can be shaped into either an arc or semi-circle. The combination can either consist of a fixed window in the middle surrounded by double-hung or casement windows. They also protrude out from home, making them easier to clean and give you more interior space.

Fixed/Stationary Window: While these windows cannot be opened, their customization options are limitless in terms of shapes and design. You can either have them installed on an exterior wall to allow more sunlight in, or we can place them on an interior wall to open up your space. These can be a great addition to any home wanting to achieve a modern look.

Tilt & Turn Window: These are a great option for any home. They offer easy maintenance since the windows open fully into the house, allowing you to clean both sides. With a simple turn of the handle, you have two options when opening either like a door, or you can tilt them open from the top for even better airflow. Tilting them in also means you can leave them open while away from the home since potential intruders cannot access your home through the top.

Custom Windows: With many years’ experience in the industry, we have been exposed to a variety of different housing projects – If you have something completely unique in mind, we are happy to help make your design dreams a reality. Our professional designers will work with you realise your plans, and then we will get to work on the installation and construction process.

Which Window Style Is Right for me?

Design, material, and style are all the main points to consider when purchasing windows from Adam Window Centres. You should also consider how energy efficient they are to lower your bills and help protect the environment. Our team will be with you the entire way from conception to installation. We will also help you stay within your budget while following your aesthetic. We consider everything, such as placement, room layout, natural light wanted, and the shape of the house.

Reach Out for Help with Your New Windows Today!

Adam Window Centres can’t wait to assist in your new window installation. The process begins by making the call to schedule your initial consultation. By working together, we can accomplish any dream you have for your homes’ windows. We understand the materials and will stay within your budget. Windows can really add to your house’s aesthetic, as well as adding function to the rooms within it.  Reach out whenever you are ready to begin.

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