Double Glazed Windows by Adam Window Centres

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Glazing refers to the number of windowpanes within a window, so when we discuss double glazed windows, we refer to the fact it was two panes installed instead of one. The reason a second parallel pane gets added to the window is to help with energy efficiency and to help protect items such as your carpet, rugs, paintings, and other furniture items from getting damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Adam Window Centres has plenty of experience helping Dorset residents find and install these options around the home. Reach out today and schedule an initial consultation with our professional designers. Since 1994, we have been pairing excellent window options with houses, and we will help make your window dreams come true.

How Long Should Double Glazed Windows Last?

While there is no specific amount of years, you can expect anywhere from 10 to 30 years based on where the windows are installed, how regularly they are cleaned, maintenance, and more. On average, homeowners can see 20 years before needing to consider replacements for their double-glazed windows from Adam Window Centres. As technology advances in the window-making industry, so does the longevity of these products. Below are some of the determining factors leading to how long your double-glazed windows can last:

Materials: We can help you achieve any look because our team can frame double glazed windows with wood, uPVC, aluminium, fibreglass, vinyl, and more. Some of these materials will naturally last longer like uPVC, but wood can be treated and cleaned to help them last longer. This will be one of the primary considerations you need to take when purchasing your new double-glazed windows.

Location: Where you have our team install your double-glazed windows matters. Prolonged exposure to the sun will affect the performance and longevity of the window. If you have shaded areas around your home, they will help protect your windows longer. After our consultation, we can give you a better understanding of how long your windows will last.

Quality of Installation: Another one to consider, but not one you need to worry about with Adam Window Centres. Other window installation companies will not be able to give you the quality of service we will. If left in unprofessional hands or you attempt to install them yourself, there could be issues which affect the longevity of the double-glazed windows.

Weather Exposure: Rain and other precipitation such as snow, will also affect their performance. Prolonged direct sunlight can also affect the longevity of your windows. Granted, this will take years, but based on the material we use to create your new window; it will have an impact.

What Are the Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows offer many benefits to your home. They can be constructed with almost any material and can be made to match your current aesthetics or be the centrepiece of your new remodel. With single glazed windows, your home can experience unpleasantly high temperatures, your furniture can begin to fade, and your home will not be as secure. Below are some of the main benefits you can expect once you select double glazed windows from Adam Window Centres:

Lower Energy Bills: Save up to £160 a year on your energy bills with double glazed windows. Single glazed windows can be draughty and allow air to flow through your home. Reaching your desired temperature may be more challenging as well and cause a strain on your central heating system. We can also install with argon in between the two panes to help keep the heat and cold in your house during the winter and summer. Since you won’t have to push your heater as hard, you’ll be able to save on your monthly bills, and your system will last longer – preventing a premature replacement.

Better Security: Double-glazed windows offer more protection thanks to the additional pane. This makes it harder to break through than single glazed windows. The material we make the window with and more secure locks help keep your things in your home. We may also suggest tilt and turn windows to help protect you even further.

Increased Value: Most homeowners are going with double glazed windows these days because of all the benefits. Having them already installed will help raise the value of your home for potential buyers when you decide to sell. They will also add curb appeal by modernising the exterior. Since they will not have to tackle the project of replacing windows themselves, they will be willing to spend more upfront in the sale.

Environmentally Friendly: Double glazed windows require less energy to create, so purchasing these options over others will help reduce your carbon footprint on the world. The reduction in energy costs from your central heating unit also makes them a better choice when looking to replace your windows.

Prevent Condensation: Condensation may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to problematic mould and mildew. These issues can lead to rot, rust, and more – causing premature replacements on your windows and further spread damage around the house. The pane inside the home will remain closer to the indoor temperature, while the outside window protects it by absorbing the heat or cold.

Reduced Noise Pollution: Are the birds in your yard waking you early in the morning? Construction teams bothering your lunch? Adam Window Centres can help reduce the noise by installing double glazed windows. The same thing maintaining the temperature in your home helps keep noises out – insulation. It also means that you can turn up the football game without the worry of annoying your neighbours.

Adam Window Centres Helps Dorset Homes Look Their Best

Homeowners in the Dorset area have trusted our professional team for over 25 years when they are looking to upgrade their windows. Double glazed windows are one of the best options you can choose for not only your home but the environment. Reach out today and schedule your initial consultation, so we can begin the work required to design and install your home’s new window treatments.